Celebrate the beauty of Southern Florida near Cooper City homes. At Flamingo Gardens over 55 acres of lush landscaping include both botanical gardens and a wildlife sanctuary. A favorite place to visit by families living in Cooper City the park is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. everyday. Here residents learn not only about the flora and fauna thriving around them but also about native critters sharing the real estate region.

Gardeners Living in Cooper City Find Inspiration All Around

A wealth of color stimulates the senses when in the Botanical Gardens. Plants and trees intertwine creating a worthy place to escape daily stresses. Time seems to standstill when one is meandering through the grounds. Favored paths take folks to the butterfly and hummingbird gardens. Folks learn all about what to plant in their own green spaces to welcome these beloved insects and delicate little birds. The Live Oak Hammock is a great place to hang out and enjoy cool shade on a hot, sunny day. Youngsters spend time in the children’s garden, where they can get hands on feeling and smelling the plants. Those wanting a great garden in their own Cooper City home but not owning a green thumb themselves look to the Xeriscape garden for inspiration. This plot was designed with low maintenance in mind. Guests take the tram to tour the wetlands and rainforest part of the park. Here some of the oldest living plants in the state still thrive.

The Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary reminds visitors that the native animals among us must be carefully considered. Educational displays around the sanctuary teach about Florida’s birds and animals. In the alligator lagoon larger than life reptiles compete for attention. While walking past the otter habitat lots of laughter rings out due to humorous antics of the wily creatures. Panther and bobcat habitats house animals that were injured and could not survive in the wild. Bird lovers are in their element in the sanctuary which holds spaces for all types of species from birds of prey to cockatoos and macaws. Take some time to experience Flamingo Gardens. Regulars will surely explain that one visit will not be enough.